Statistics of Wildfires in the United States,

by waveGUARD Corporation

The year 2020 set a new precedent for wildfires, as the fingerprints of climate change were seen clearly wreaking havoc on America’s woodlands and residential areas. This vividly emphasized the grave repercussions of wildfires. These infernos predominantly affect regions like California, where elevated temperatures and arid conditions are more common. The arid vegetation serves as natural fuel, encouraging the blaze until it morphs into an unstoppable force. Wildfires can swiftly engulf entire houses and communities, leading to damage worth billions of dollars.

The growing evidence of climate change and its ramifications call for enhanced measures to safeguard properties. Therefore, securing an apt homeowners insurance to cover wildfires becomes crucial, especially for those residing in high-risk zones.

This article delves into the most recent statistics and data related to wildfires in the U.S.

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