The Industry Leader and Most Advanced
Exterior Wildfire Spray System

Designed to Protect your Home and Property from Wildfires

Not a Theory,  Proven Real World System

No Foam | No Gel | No Messy Clean Up
100% Chemical Free and Environmentally Friendly

*Systems located in areas which have seasons of prolonged freezing temperatures should be drained and winterized to prevent freeze damage. In some instances, heating equipment may be installed to extend operation until fire risk is low prior to winterizing. NOTE: heating equipment will increase utility usage costs significantly during use.



You are not required to activate the waveGUARD™ system
Other garden variety retrofit systems require human intervention




Patented Exterior Wildfire Spray System
Engineered Specifically for Wildfire Protection of Homes and Property

Preparing for Fire Season with Long Term Fire Retardant by waveGUARD™FireTerminator™: A Safe and Effective Solution

As the fire season approaches, the threat of wildfires becomes a severe problem for many communities, especially in regions like California where dry summers and climate change increase the risk. Preparing for fire season with long term fire retardant by waveGUARD™FireTerminator™ is a crucial step homeowners can take to protect their homes and communities.

The Threat of Wildfires

Wildfires are a destructive force that can wreak havoc on homes, communities, and the environment. The ferocious heat of a wildfire can cut through vegetation and destroy homes, leaving a trail of damage in its wake. The problem is even worse during the fire season when the risk of wildfires is at its highest.


The Solution: waveGUARD™FireTerminator™

In the battle against wildfires, waveGUARD™FireTerminator™ offers an advanced, effective solution. This long-term fire retardant is 100% plant-based, making it safe for humans, animals, and vegetation. It’s a responsible choice for homeowners committed to protecting their homes and communities.

waveGUARD™FireTerminator™ is not just a temporary solution. It provides long-term protection, helping to hamper the spread of wildfires and minimize the damage they can cause. It’s a tool for fire management that every homeowner should consider as part of their preparations for fire season.


Trust in waveGUARD™FireTerminator™

When it comes to safety, trust is paramount. waveGUARD™FireTerminator™ is a product you can trust. It’s been carefully developed to be safe and effective, offering protection against the destructive force of wildfires. It’s a solution that homeowners, government agencies, and fire protection bodies can rely on.


Preparing for Fire Season

Preparing for fire season is a mandatory task for homeowners in areas at risk of wildfires. Using waveGUARD™FireTerminator™ as part of your preparations can make a significant difference. It’s a step towards safety and protection, helping to reduce the risk and impact of wildfires.

As we face the threat of fire season, it’s crucial to prepare effectively. Using waveGUARD™FireTerminator™, a long-term fire retardant, is a responsible, safe, and effective way to protect your home and community. It’s a solution that offers peace of mind, knowing that you’re doing your part to combat the destructive force of wildfires.

waveGUARD™ FireTerminator™

Long Term Fire Retardant

100% Chemical Free

100% Bio-Friendly

Surface Applied

Safe for Wildlife, Landscape and Domestic Pets.

Trust your property and safety to retrofitted residential garden variety irrigation systems.

100% Environmentally Friendly, Safe for Wildlife, Landscape and Domestic Pets

√  2 Year Limited Warranty on waveGUARD™ System

√  2 Year Warranty on All Installation Materials & Labor

√  Bi-annual Maintenance by Certified waveGUARD™ Technician: First Year is FREE!



Exterior Wildfire Spray System


• 24/7 Protection.
Remote Activation not required.

• Built-in battery backup.

• Revolutionary toxic free environmentally friendly and biodegradable fire retardant.
Not a foam or gel retardant requiring aggressive and costly clean-up.

• System includes self-contained water and retardant reservoirs.
Municipal, well, pool water source not required.

• Wildfire flame auto detection activation sensors.
Manual activation not required.

• Complete structure and property coverage immediately upon activation
Eliminates hot spots and unsafe distribution of fire retardant found in retrofitted zone systems.

Introducing AG-BEE

WaveGUARD Teams Up with AG-BEE: Pioneering the Future of Agriculture Wildfire Protection!

We are excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership with AG-BEE, a leading innovator in agricultural technology. Together, we’re unleashing the future of agriculture wildfire protection through aerial drone applications of waveGUARD FireTerminator, our eco-friendly Long Term Fire Retardant.

Drones are no longer just the future; they are now the present. AG-BEE’s cutting-edge drone technology allows us to protect farm, ranch, and vineyard properties like never before. The synergy of waveGUARD’s eco-friendly LTR and AG-BEE’s precision aerial application heralds a new era in efficient, affordable, and sustainable wildfire defense.

Join us in embracing the next frontier in wildfire protection. With waveGUARD and AG-BEE, the future of agriculture wildfire safety is here and now.


How waveGUARD™ Exterior Wildfire Spray System Works

Your home and surrounding landscape is sprayed with a toxic-free ECO Friendly fire retardant and water mixture that creates ambient temperatures unhospitable to wildfires and prevents embers from igniting on your property.


  • Full coverage of your home and a 30′ to 40′ perimeter.
  • Every system is custom-designed and installed to create the absolute best aesthetics for your home’s architecture.
  • Automatic and continuous hydration that reduces ignition risk. No human intervention is required. The system detects oncoming fires and activates on its own.
  • No messy clean-up required after activation like foam and gel systems.


Installing a waveGUARD™ Exterior Wildfire Spray System could likely improve your insurance underwriting assessment. Your carrier may even offer credits or discounts for specifically installing the waveGUARD™ Exterior Wildfire Spray System.


Featured on KOA Radio

Randy Lang
President, waveGUARD™ Corporation

Wildfire Prevention System waveGUARD™

waveGUARD™ Corporation has designed and developed an extraordinary system to help protect and defend your family, home and precious memories from destructive wildfires.

Randy and his crew at waveGUARD™ have been exceptional to work with. They custom designed an external fire sprinkler system for my home that met all of my needs. Their expertise in every phase  of the project ensured that the final system was built to protect and defend against all reasonable risks of wildfire in the area. I couldn't be more happy with results.

Eric Wainwright

Boulder, Colorado

waveGUARD™ has been an outstanding partner. From our first point of contact all the way through to their on-going support, our expectations have been greatly exceeded.  We now rest a lot easier knowing our home and family is better prepared and protected in the event of a wildfire.  WaveGuard worked closely with us to custom design an aesthetically pleasing system that would be virtually invisible.  Their team took great care in the installation process to blend-in the components around our property. The results speak highly for their professionalism.  We wholeheartedly recommend WaveGuard and will be pleased to speak with anyone who is considering using their services.

Steve Friedman and Tracy Sherman

Portola Valley, California

We've installed the system at our house in Sonoma County. Though our property luckily was not impacted during the 2017 devastating fires, we used the system preemptively to keep the house and the surrounding areas wet. The remote monitoring provided by the company was extremely helpful and reassuring

Nick Augustinos

Sonoma County

Fully automatic and Self Contained. Complete with its own water and power source, waveGUARD™ becomes completely autonomous if or when power and water is disabled to the grid due to evacuation.

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*Systems located in areas which have seasons of prolonged freezing temperatures should be drained and winterized to prevent freeze damage. In some instances, heating equipment may be installed to extend operation until fire risk is low prior to winterizing. NOTE: heating equipment will increase utility usage costs significantly during use.