Landscape Mitigation

Landscape Mitigation is something that can and should be maintained by the property owner at all times. waveGUARD will suggest and in some cases provide the removal of trees or other threats that may be a risk to the structure in the event of wildfire.

Trees hanging over the roof line, dry grasses close to the structure or vines climbing on the sides and eves of a home are all concerns with wildfire. Mulch can burn and spread wildfire along with certain shrubs and bushes. There are many species of plants that can help slow the spread of wildfire.

Our Assessors are familiar with native species and the impact that non-native plants may have on a surrounding area in increasing wildfire danger. In most cases species management is something very simple to help mitigate the wildfire threat. For instance, its not a good idea to have pine trees over a roofline in a higher temperature climate where pine trees are not native.

A defensible space, minimum of 30 feet, is a crucial layer to a well-maintained property and wildfire mitigation plan. Many Municipalities are starting to enact laws to provide for Defensible Space like California, Section 4907.1 which reads;

Defensible space will be maintained around all buildings and structures in State Responsibility Area (SRA) as required in Public Resources Code 4290 and “SRA Fire Safe Regulations” California Code of Regulations, Title 14, Division 1.5, Chapter 7, Subchapter 2, Section 1270.

Buildings and structures within the Very-high Fire Hazard Severity Zones of a Local Responsibility Areas (LRA) shall maintain defensible space as outlined in Government Code 51175 — 51189 and any local ordinance of the authority having jurisdiction.

waveGUARD offers a Perimeter System that mounts on poles or in ground, that is activated by Infrared Detection, needs no human interaction, and will wet down the vegetation surrounding a structure. The System can even be operated remotely, discharging water only, in preparation of an encroaching wildfire.

In commercial settings such as golf courses and resorts, landscaping is very costly to install and maintain. waveGUARD can protect the landscaping with a Perimeter System mitigating the loss from wildfire.

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