Protect your home and valuables with your own patented Exterior Wildfire Defense System

Developed by waveGUARD™ Corporation

Smart Protection

For any home or structure located in the midst of trees or heavy foliage, the clearing of noncombustible materials away from the structure, adding non combustible landscape, and/or irrigated landscape is crucial in developing a defensible space around the structure against fire. Any qualified fire department representative will explain that having this mitigated space is an absolute must for structural survival in the presence of a wildfire.  The soaked landscape releases moisture into the air.  This lowers the ambient temperature and increases the humidity level of the immediate area.  These effects extend some distance above ground level.  The result is that the advancing wildfire will tend to be deflected by this less supportive environmental pocket and pass by the protected property.

One of the major sources of wildfires are lightening strikes.  Lightening strikes often hit trees, power lines, transmission towers, or simply open ground.  Be aware that a fire might not start immediately after the lightening strike.  It could smolder for a period of time before becoming a full blown wildfire.

Most people believe that it is the advancing line of flames during a wildfire that destroys homes.  However, it is the embers that create spot fires by igniting vegetation, debris, and flammable materials that eventually lead to igniting the exterior of a home.

To complement and enhance defensible space, waveGUARD™ Corporation has designed and developed a patented Exterior Wildfire Defense System to protect the structure along with a 30′- 40′ perimeter around the structure. This process of hydro-mitigation wets down this defensible space and structure with a mixture of water and fire retardant. This decreases the odds of severe damage to your home or structure. The wetting down of the structure and mitigated space increases the humidity of the area, decreases the area temperature, and works to prevent embers from forming a fire, igniting the structure.

Patented Exterior Wildfire Defense System Features

.• Custom designed, patent control panel

• Multi spectrum infrared flame detectors

• Dedicated water reservoir

• Fire retardant

•Spray heads that provide coverage for home along with 30-40 foot perimeter around the structure

• waveGUARD RoofCool™ soak down function allows property owner to run system to manually cool/soak down the property without injecting fire retardant.

• Key pad with alarm

• 24/7/365 monitoring at waveGUARD™ Corporation Headquarters

• Self sustainable battery power supply for uninterrupted power

• Compatibility with propane fueled generator and/or solar power supply

• “Hot Button” located outside of the cabinet. This allows fire fighters to activate the system manually in case of fires coming into the area, but there are no flames present at the time. By having the “Hot Button” available, it provides the fire fighters the opportunity to be PROACTIVE to the fires and defend the property with a push of the button.

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