Personnel Protection Zone Trailer

The Personnel Protection Zone Trailer™ is designed by waveGUARD™ Corporation.

The trailer is designed to be strategically positioned to protect first responders, firemen and personnel responding to wildfires. waveGUARD™ Corporation is the leading wildfire protection system for residential and business facilities.

For more information contact waveGUARD™ Corporation.


waveGUARD™ Corporation • 7315 S. Revere Pkwy • Ste. 602
Centennial, CO, 80112-3911

800-980-4401  •  720-663 -7071

*Systems located in areas which have seasons of prolonged freezing temperatures should be drained and winterized to prevent freeze damage. In some instances, heating equipment may be installed to extend operation until fire risk is low prior to winterizing. NOTE: heating equipment will increase utility usage costs significantly during use.