Gutter Guards

Gutter guards or covers can be installed over or in your gutters. When properly installed and maintained, these can reduce the amount of vegetation litter and debris that accumulate in your gutter and therefore reduce the need to clean it.

Fires in roof gutters can easily spread to the exposed roof coverings. Aside from cleaning your gutters on a regular basis during fire season, installing gutter guards are inexpensive and easy to do. The guards prevent debris from pilling up in your gutters which can easily ignite from falling or windblown embers. The gutter guards also keep leaves out of drainpipes which can lead to clogs, damage or back-ups on rainy days. It is important that you use a noncombustible gutter guard.

Flying embers are a constant threat and can blow for miles, landing on a roof and rolling into a gutter filled with pine needles, oak leaves or other dry debris setting the roof on fire, even though the fire is miles away. waveGUARD provides a high strength Gutter Guard that lasts for years, and removes the threat of debris piling up in space that is often forgotten by Homeowners. Gutters will still accumulate dust and blowing dirt and will still need to be rinsed out yearly for proper flow, but a quality Gutter Guard will mitigate the threat of blowing embers from setting the roof on fire.

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*Systems located in areas which have seasons of prolonged freezing temperatures should be drained and winterized to prevent freeze damage. In some instances, heating equipment may be installed to extend operation until fire risk is low prior to winterizing. NOTE: heating equipment will increase utility usage costs significantly during use.