Aerial FireTerminator™ Long Term Fire Retardant Drone Applications

Drones are the future of agriculture protection from wildfires.
Drones are making farming easier and more efficient.  

Introducing waveGUARD FireTerminator: Your Sustainable Shield Against Wildfires

In the face of growing wildfire threats, safeguarding your property and loved ones has never been more crucial. Introducing waveGUARD FireTerminator, a revolutionary Long Term Fire Retardant (LTR) that is the next innovation in fire protection.

100% Plant-Based & Eco-Friendly

WaveGUARD FireTerminator is crafted from 100% plant-based materials, making it not only a potent fire shield but also demonstrates the commitment to responsible care of our planet. This unique formulation is 100% eco-friendly, reflecting our commitment to safety and sustainability.

Safe for All Forms of Life

waveGUARD FireTerminator isn’t just kind to Mother Earth—it’s also safe for vegetation, livestock, pets, and wildlife. We understand that protection must never come at the cost of environmental harmony.

Affordable & Efficient with AG-BEE Drones

In partnership with AG-BEE, we’ve taken fire protection to new heights—literally! Utilizing state-of-the-art drone technology, AG-BEE can apply waveGUARD FireTerminator to large farm, ranch, and vineyard properties, making the process more affordable and efficient than ever before. 

Explore Drone Application Through an Interactive Video

Curious to see how AG-BEE’s drones are revolutionizing fire protection? Watch the interactive video below, offering a firsthand look at how these advanced drones make applying waveGUARD FireTerminator to vast areas both seamless, affordable and efficient.

Get Started with AG-BEE Today

If you are as committed to safety, sustainability, and innovation as we are, don’t hesitate to take the next step. Click the button below to contact AG-BEE directly and discover how waveGUARD FireTerminator can become a part of your fire prevention strategy. Together, we can forge a future that’s not only safer from wildfires but also kinder to our planet.