As the fires quickly grew out of control in Sonoma county, it was inevitable that an evacuation was eminent. In addition to the evacuation, the homeowners knew that PG&E was going to be cutting the power to the region as well. As the pulled away from their home, all they could think about was the investment they made in 2015…to install a waveGUARD™ patented Exterior Wildfire Defense System on their home.

October 29th, the homeowners in the area were allowed to return to their homes. Not knowing what they were going to see when they got there, their anticipation and fears were soon transition to joy and elation. As they approached their property, everything around it was burned…right up to the where our system had dispensed water and fire retardant.

Their home was left unscathed by the fires that devastated the area. The waveGUARD™ Exterior Wildfire Defense System had performed as promised, “to protect and defend your home and precious memories from dangerous wildfires.”