waveGUARD™ FireTerminator™ An Effective Addition to Protecting Your Home from Destructive Wildfires

by waveGUARD™ Corporation

Wildfires have become an increasingly destructive force in recent years, with homes and properties around the world needing better protection. The waveGUARD FireTerminator Long Term Fire Retardant (LTR) provides a comprehensive solution to this problem.
This fire retardant product is an advanced chemical free agent that can be applied to home surfaces such as wood, fabric, cardboard, home siding, roofing and surrounding property to help protect them from fire damage and destruction. It works by forming a protective barrier on the surface as well as penetrating porous surfaces and actually becoming part of the surface which will not only slow down the spread of heat but also resist burning and will not wash away. Furthermore, it is 100% non-toxic and environmentally friendly, so you can use it without any worries about your health, pets or the environment.