There are many factors that can come into play when a wildfire breaks out and takes on a life of its own. Wether it be in the WUI (Wildland Urban Interface) or in the hills and canyons of California, no one can predict what path the fires will take. As homeowners and business owners evacuate, panic and confusion sets in. Fire fighters, trucks, and rescue teams do their best to get up into those locations to help residents get to safety and fight the fires. When the call to evacuate is given, it must be taken seriously.

The waveGUARD™ patented Exterior Wildfire Defense System is designed to take the human element out of home and property protection. When the call to evacuate has been given, our homeowners can leave, knowing the system is there to work for them. Many times during evacuation, the power and water is cut to the grid. Our system is completely autonomous, fully self contained with its own water and power source. We do NOT use combustible fueled generators. Instead, we use batteries that can keep the system running upon evacuation for up to two weeks or indefinitely simply by adding a solar panel. With our 24/7 365 monitoring, we monitor the system and can activate remotely if needed. There is no need for anyone, homeowner or fire fighter, to activate the system.

Once activated, our system showers the home and a 30′ – 40′ perimeter around the home with a wave of water all at once, at the same time. This is not an irrigation system that cycles zones on and off. We inject a fire retardant (Micro Blaze Out™) into the water, that is not a foam or gel. No one has to come and run a pump, spray nozzle or turn the system on. With our waveGUARD™ patented Exterior Wildfire Defense System, you and your family can be safe and away from the fires, knowing you have the system to protect your home and precious memories inside from dangerous wildfires.