The Importance of an Industrial Strength Sprinkler Spray System

by waveGUARD Corporation

In the face of increasing wildfire threats, the need for an industrial strength sprinkler spray system cannot be overstated. These systems are specifically designed to combat wildfires, offering a level of protection that is unparalleled by traditional residential sprinkler systems. One such solution is provided by waveGUARD Exterior Wildfire Mitigation Solutions, a company that has taken wildfire protection to the next level.

waveGUARD™: A Reliable Solution

waveGUARD’s system is built with industrial strength components and is designed from the ground up to fight wildfires. Unlike other manufacturers that typically utilize converted residential grade lawn sprinkler systems, waveGUARD has engineered a system that is both robust and reliable. Its rugged design and solid construction ensure that it can handle the high pressure and performance demands of a wildfire situation.

Independent Power and Water Supply

One of the key benefits of the waveGUARD system is its independent power and water supply. In many cases, wildfires can disrupt municipal services, including water and electricity. If a sprinkler system is tied into these services, it may fail when it is needed most. However, the waveGUARD system is not at risk of this. It has its own power backup source and independent water supply, ensuring that it can operate effectively even in the most challenging conditions.

Automatic Detection and Activation

Another major advantage of the waveGUARD system is its ability to automatically detect and activate in response to approaching embers and wildfires. This is a significant improvement over other systems on the market that require manual activation. With waveGUARD, you can trust that your property is being protected 24/7 by the system.

Eco-Friendly Fire Retardant

Finally, the waveGUARD system utilizes waveGUARD FireTerminator, a 100% plant-based long-term fire retardant. This makes it the most eco-friendly fire retardant in the industry to be utilized in a wildfire sprinkler spray system. Not only does this offer superior fire protection, but it also ensures that the system is as environmentally friendly as possible.


  • What type of sprinkler has high pressure? Industrial strength sprinkler systems, like the one offered by waveGUARD, are designed with specifically designed water pumps to handle high pressure situations such as wildfires.
  • What type of sprinkler system is the best? The best sprinkler system is one that is designed for the specific needs of the situation. For wildfire protection, an industrial strength sprinkler system with independent power and water supply, automatic detection and activation, and eco-friendly fire retardant is ideal.