Team waveGUARD™

Randy Lang – waveGUARDco™ President, Owner/Founder

Randy has 30 years experience in landscape and irrigation industry. In 1998, Randy started his own landscape and irrigation design-build company.  Later in 2001, his company expanded into Scottsdale, Arizona.  In 2009 he sold his company and relocated back to the Denver area  At that time he went to work for a commercial contractor as Marketing Manager.  In 2012, he accepted a position with Hydrosystems-KDI, Inc. as their Marketing Manager.  He is currently employed by Hydrosystems-KDI, Inc.


Ken DiPaolo- waveGUARDco™ Design Engineer

Ken began his career in irrigation as an irrigation designer at The Warner Company, a local wholesale supplier, in 1976. In 1988 The Warner Company sold out to Ferguson Enterprises and Ken opened a new wholesale irrigation supply business called WesturfDistributors.  Ken was an operating partner and owner in WesturfDistributors until October 1999 when he sold the business to United Green Mark.  Throughout the 23 years in the wholesale supply business Ken provided design-built irrigation designs at the contractor level. Ken developed several design programs that are still being utilized to educate Contractor’s in the Denver area. Ken also taught basic irrigation design and installation at Arapahoe Community College, in Colorado, for five years. In 2000, Ken opened a small irrigation design and consulting business called KDI Designs, specializing in contractor design-built irrigation projects. In August 2002, KDI Designs merged with HydroSystemsand Ken became a co-owner in HydroSystems•KDI, Inc.  As of February 2007, has been President and owner of HydroSystems•KDI. has become the sole owner of Hydrosystems•KDI. This combination of the wholesale supply industry and design experience has given Mr. DiPaolothe unique qualifications to understand all aspects of irrigation system design. EDUCATION University of Colorado –2 years (General Studies) Mechanical Drafting Certificate from Siebel School of Drafting


Michael Smith – waveGUARDco™ Technical Engineer

President of Control Tech USA. Inc., Michael Smith worked with electronics, electrical, and integrated systems since graduating technical school in the spring of 1988. His first job was with EICON repairing irrigation controllers and assisting in product development. Later Michael moved on to servicing and installing fire and security systems in Vail and Colorado Springs. In the spring of 1993 He opened Control Tech USA, Inc repairing irrigation controls as well as designing and producing circuit board based products including  lightning and power surge protection devices, test and measurement equipment, and custom irrigation controls. Currently, he designs and produces solar power supplies for irrigation and landscape lighting systems, microprocessor based controls, as well as our existing line of circuit board products. His current duties include hardware and software engineering, production management, project management, consulting, and on site systems troubleshooting, repair, and installation.


Kathleen Courier – waveGUARDco™ - Sales and Marketing Manager

Prior to retirement in July of 1999, Kathleen worked in Tacoma, Washington for Frank Russell Company, now Russell Investments. Starting November 1, 1984, she held 8 different positions throughout her 15 year tenure.  As a Performance Analyst, she produced retirement performance reports for companies such as JC Penney and Boeing, and UAL Pilots.  Moving onto a statistical graphics department, within 6 months became the manager of that group for 4 years.  As a Manager, she was able to expand her sales and marketing skills by creating new products and services for the sales force to sell.  Automating and streamline systems were her specialty.  As a Product Development Analyst, she was involved with the software development of all charts and statistical data output for Russell Data Services proprietary software, as well as the technical writer for the users manual and designer for all marketing materials.  She traveled international doing software installations and training.  In her final position before retiring to be a full time Mother, she helped create an new service for the company.  She used client data and Russell software to help clients create their own marketing materials, therefore bringing that service back in house, reducing their cost with the ability for customizing and personalization of their client reporting.


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