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waveGUARD Corporation™, in conjunction with our partners, are proud to provide an Exterior Fire Sprinkler System that is second to none. Our relentless efforts to provide you with the best service, products and installation are a direct result of endless hours of research and investigation .  The companies we have selected to partner with are the best at what they do and provide a top quality service and product.




Micro Blaze Out
Micro-Blaze® Microbial Products contain a proprietary blend of wetting agents, nutrients, and several strains of safe, non-pathogenic Bacillus bacteria. When applied to a hydrocarbon-based or organic spill or contaminant, the wetting agent begins breaking down the contaminants into smaller molecules for more efficient degradation, by the microbes, into harmless byproducts like carbon dioxide, water, and trace salts.

While Micro-Blaze® Microbial Products are generally used in industrial or commercial use, our products are extremely effective in residential uses. With the formulation of our newest product,Micro-Blaze® Septic, we are excited for you to bring Micro-Blaze® Microbial Products into your home.


Western States Fire Protection
Quality Solutions for the Protection of Lives and Property, Providing an Exceptional Value to our Customers.  Our job is protecting lives and property; protecting your home, your family, your business, your valuables and all you hold dear. Because this is our mission, we are quickly becoming a full service world class fire protection organization


HydroSystems.KDI, Inc.
HydroSystems was created in 1993 to meet the irrigation planning and design, water auditing and management, construction observation and management needs of the landscape industry in the Rocky Mountain Region. HydroSystems started with a staff of two and grew to seven until August of 2002, when HydroSystems and KDI Designs merged  increasing staff size to keep up with the ever increasing demand of the irrigation industry. We moved our offices to Lakewood where we are currently located today.

Today HydroSystems•KDI has grown to a staff of eight and offer over 150 years of combined experience in the irrigation system construction and design environment. We are uniquely qualified to meet the needs of our clients and project owners and HydroSystems•KDI is dedicated to providing a level of service and technical expertise in irrigation system design that is unmatched in the consulting industry.

Our staff currently consists of 8 irrigation system designers. HydroSystems•KDI Inc. currently utilizes AutoCAD version 2010/2015 for all planning and irrigation design efforts. We utilize our own irrigation design software that works with ACAD, developed and design for our own internal use, by members of the staff. We also have GPS equipment that we use for basic spot surveys and GPS located as-built plans.


Control Tech USA, Inc.
Control Tech USA, Inc. is uniquely positioned in the irrigation and landscape industry due to the array of knowledge and experience we have in irrigation, and low voltage lighting. Because we know that not every off the shelf product is going to be just right for every application, we’ve combined our ability to manufacture custom controls, solar power supplies, and circuit board based specialty products with our experience  water management, landscape lighting, and equipment installation to provide a our customers with the equipment and service integration they need. 

Because we value honesty, integrity, and customer satisfaction, we strive to ensure our systems and services work long after the sale or installation.


Brandguard Vents™
Brandguard Vents™ are saving homes with Flame and Ember Resistant Vents that Address the needs of local building codes and insurance companies.

Founded by a Firefighter, Brandguard Vents™ has developed a series of newly designed exterior vent products that resist the intrusion of flame and embers into residential and commercial buildings.  The technology lies in its passive patented overlapping baffle design. 

They also have a full line of retrofit products that install right over existing vents. Custom products also available.  Also tested and proven resistant to driving rain, snow and pests.




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