How it Works


The patent pending waveGUARD™ Corporation hydro-mitigation sprinkler system is the most advanced system designed to assist in protecting your home, business and property from dangerous exterior fires.

Developed by a team of professionals dedicated to fire mitigation, the waveGUARD™ Corporation  hydro-mitigation sprinkler system will automatically assist in mitigating your home from exterior burning.
The heart of the system is the HMC-400 controller, a specifically designed electronic controller that monitors and controls all the functions and components of the system.  During normal conditions, the HMC-400 monitors input from the multi-spectrum I.R. flame detectors, water level in the storage reservoir, communication equipment, and self-diagnostic routines within the controller itself.
When an I.R. flame detector "sees" an approaching fire it sends a signal to the HMC-400 controller which in turn initiates the process of wetting down the property with water mixed with the flame retardant.  The initial sprinkling process runs for 20 minutes, followed by either continued sprinkling if the flame detectors continue to "see" flames, or, if no flames are detected, a second sprinkling process of timed cycles of 15 minutes off, 5 minutes on, for 10 cycles or until the tank empties.  
During the sprinkling process, the water in the tank is being replenished through an auto-fill process and the water level is continually monitored.  Should the tank completely empty, all sprinkling processes are suspended so the pump is not damaged.  Once the auto-fill returns the water level to the midpoint, sprinkling processes are then resumed or changed according to the input from the flame sensors.
The system is designed to function automatically with or without power supplied to it from the utility power grid for up to two weeks.  Additionally, no one need be on site to initiate the sprinkling process.  We built the system to operate under the assumption that all utility power will be disconnected, and the home will be evacuated. For extended uninterruptible power, there is an option of a solar powered charging system to maintain the back up of batteries at all times.  Additionally the HMC-400 can interface with a propane powered generator if so desired.
With optional communication equipment, and 24/7/365 monitoring through an Always on Internet Connection (AIC), the HMC-400 will update technical personel at waveGUARD™ Corporation of any alarms or faults the system may have encountered.

• Fully automatic system, property owner need not be present for system to activate

• Completely functional up to two weeks if the utility power is shut off

• Custom designed to your specific property needs

Standard features include:
   • Custom designed control unit
   • Multi spectrum Infrared flame detectors
   • Dedicated water reservoir with auto fill
   • Fire retardant injection system
   • Sprinkler heads that provide coverage up to a 30-40 foot perimeter around the structure

Optional features include:
   • 24/7/365 monitoring at waveGUARD™ Corporation headquarters
   • Self sustainable solar power supply for uninterrupted power
   • Compatibility with propane fueled generator


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